Know the Rules

Quality and Craftsmanship

  • ALL WORK MUST BE ORIGINAL, HANDCRAFTED WORK.  Artist guarantees the accuracy of the description of the works presented and the authenticity of the work as the creation of their own hands.
  • WORK DONE BY A PRODUCTION STUDIO IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.  All work must be designed and executed by the exhibiting artist.
  • TECHNIQUE MUST BE DIVULGED IN APPLICATION IN THE “DESCRIPTION OF MATERIAL AND TECHNIQUE” SECTION.  Failure to do so may result in disqualification- particularly in the case of computer manipulation.
  • IT IS THE ARTIST’S RESPONSIBILITY TO IDENTIFY THE CATEGORY FOR WHICH THEY WOULD LIKE TO BE JURIED. Please choose the category which best describes your work. If you do not choose a category (media) your application will not be processed.


  • Collaborating artists (defined as “Artist Partner” on ZAPP™) may exhibit only their collaborating work(s). BOTH ARTISTS MUST BE ON-SITE DURING ALL 3 DAYS OF THE FAIR.


  • ALL EXHIBITING AND COLLABORATING ARTISTS (DEFINED AS “ARTIST PARTNER” ON ZAPP™) AGREE TO BE PRESENT DURING ALL SHOW HOURS, ALL THREE DAYS.   Representatives may not attend in place of the artist.  Photo identification required to ensure compliance.
  • 33% OF ALL 2-DIMENSIONAL WORK DISPLAYED MUST BE ORIGINAL. Artist must define reproduction or limited edition throughout their artist statement and disclose this information on the individual piece. Postcards, note cards, posters, mouse pads, or any other offset reproductions are not permitted.
  • EXHIBITING ARTISTS ARE REQUIRED TO DISPLAY AN ARTIST STATEMENT in a prominent place within their booths describing how the work is made and the materials used.
  • THE WORK EXHIBITED MUST BE CONSISTENT WITH THE SLIDES SUBMITTED AND OF COMPARABLE QUALITY.  Artists will be asked to remove or store work not adhering to this policy.
  • ARTISTS MAY NOT SHOW IN OTHER FAIRS, EXHIBITIONS, OR EVENTS IN MINNEAPOLIS taking place at the same time as the Uptown Art Fair.
  • ARTISTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR PROPER INSURANCE AND PROTECTION OF WORK AND SETUP.  The Uptown Art Fair is not responsible for loss or damage.
  • ALL WORK MUST BE FOR SALE.  Artists retain 100% of their sales and are responsible for the collection and reporting of applicable sales tax.