Culinary Arts Competition

presented by Kowalski’s

WHEN: Friday 2pm, 4pm and 6pm Saturday 11am, 1pm, and 3pm Sunday Semi-Finals 11am and 1pm, Finals at 3pm

WHERE: In front of Kitchen Window near 31st Street and Hennepin Avenue

Watch the Twin Cities’ hottest chefs and most creative artists battle for culinary supremacy! The Culinary Arts Competition teams chefs and artists to create the most dazzling culinary art. Teams will be given three key ingredients and 30 minutes to design a unique and flavorful dish and a matching piece of visual art. Local celebrities will judge each creation.

The Rules Teams consisting of one chef and one artist will each receive the same three mandatory ingredients, including Peace Coffee, which they must include—along with a unique secret ingredient—in both the dish and the visual art. Each team will also have access to other tasty and visually stunning ingredients from the Kowalski’s pantry.

Judging Local food, art, and media personalities will make up the panel of judges. Judges will score each team on culinary merit, artistic merit, overall creativity and most unique use of the ingredients. Judges will crown the winning team on Sunday afternoon.

Are you an artist or chef interested in competing in 2014?

E-mail with your name, gallery/organization/restaurant affiliation, website (if applicable), and phone number.  Artists must be available Friday or Saturday, as well as Sunday for final rounds of the competition to be considered.