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2016 Kitchen Window Culinary Arts Competition

The 2016 Kitchen Window Culinary Arts Competition was as exciting as could be. The Twin Cities’ top chefs and artists teamed up to battle it out in a unique culinary battle. Chefs and Artists were given three main ingredients: Peace Coffee, Skinny Jake’s Fat Honey, and Waldoch Farm Herbs, along with one secret ingredient, and 30 minutes to create a mouthwatering dish and eye popping piece of art.

Every round produced very close results due to a talented field of artists and chefs.   Friday’s competitions went on without a hitch. Chef Matt Lepisto from Town Hall Brewery and artist Karla Bradley took down the defending champions Chris Ikeda from Lake and Irving and Artist Amanda Vallone with ARTrageous Adventures. Chef Todd Macdonald from Red Cow and Artist Kimberly Wetzel reunited their 2015 team and came out on top as the second Friday team to move onto the semi-finals.

Saturday’s competition had a little more unforeseen excitement. It began on Friday when one of our participating chefs had a sudden conflict come up. Thankfully Chef Kevin Giffin from Spasso was more than willing to take the place but only had one day to prepare for this unique competition. When competition time came for Chef Jourdan Morris of Mill Valley Kitchen, his artist partner was suddenly unable to make it. With only minutes left until the round began, our staff asked a courageous youth artist, Mercedes Frith, from the Youth Art Fair if she’d be interested in participating. Most of the competitors know what they need to do days before the competition. Mercedes was informed of the rules as she walked onto the stage. In a surprising Cinderella story fashion, Chef Jourdan Morris and Artist Mercedes Frith went onto win their round and score the highest points of the day!

Chef Josh Hedquist from Lela and Artist Rhea O’Shion faced off against Chef Brian Werner from HeyDay and Artist Matthew Mcintosh in one of the most entertaining rounds to watch. Chef Josh had no problem talking a little “smack” to his competition and Chef Brian played right along with it. In the middle of the competition, Chef Brian ran out of propane for his stove and was forced to improvise and use Chef Josh’s spare burners. In the end the collaboration between Chef Josh and Artist Rhea topped Chef Brian and Artist Matthew.

Sunday’s semi-final round kept the excitement from Saturday rolling. Our first semi-final round featured Chef Joshua Hedquist from Lela and Artist Rhea O’Shion vs. the Cinderella story of Chef Jourdan Morris from Mill Valley Kitchen and Youth Artist Mercedes Frith. The total score ended in a tie, forcing a tie breaker. In a tie breaker, our judges add up only the collaboration score and Chef Joshua Hedquist and Artist Rhea O’Shion came out 1 point ahead. Our second semi-final round ended very close as well with Chef Matt Lepisto and Artist Karla Bradley scoring only 1 more point than Chef Todd Macdonald and Artist Kimberly Wetzel.

In the FINAL round, Chef Matt Lepisto and his partner Karla Bradley faced off against Chef Josh Hedquist from Lela and his partner Rhea O’Shion. Chef Matt successfully created not only a delicious plate of food, but also ice cream in just 30 minutes! But that was not enough to top Chef Josh’s homemade pasta along with Artist Rhea’s decorative plate. Chef Josh and Rhea ended up scoring the most points of the weekend and won the competition!

Congratulations to Chef Josh Hedquist from Lela and Artist Rhea O’Shion for winning the 2016 Culinary Arts Competition!


Thank you to all our Participants. Make sure to stop in at the following restaurants for delicious food.

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Chef Matt Lepisto
Town Hall Brewery
Chef Fredric Bermond
The Commons Hotel and Beacon Restaurant
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Aster Cafe and Jefe Urban Hacienda
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Lake and Irving
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The Oceanaire Seafood Room
Chef Brian Werner
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Chef Jourdan Morris
Mill Valley Kitchen
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Red Cow
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Las Tortillas Mexican Restaurant

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