Charitable Partners at the Uptown Art Fair




Our goal is to bring increased awareness to local non-profits and we believe that the Uptown Art Fair is a wonderful venue to do just that. We will selected five non-profit organizations to be present at the 2017 Uptown Art Fair and a dedicated a tent featuring the five non-profit organizations will be set up for all three days on the east side of The Mall near the corner of Hennepin and W 29th St. Each non-profit is required to create a fun interactive activity for all the guests.

What we are offering:

  • A dedicated Charitable Partner Tent for all selected non-profits which will include a 6 foot table space and two chairs for each organization
  • Your name on directional signage to the Charitable Partner tent
  • Your name in the Official Event Program on a page dedicated to the Charitable Partnership(40,000 distribution)
  • Your name, logo, and activity on the Art Fair website with a link
  • Your organization supported through social media outreach and eblasts

In total, the package is a value worth over $1,200.  And in return, we ask each non-profit organization provide:

  • Provide a fun, unique, and interactive activity or demonstration which will attract visitors to your space
  • Be a registered 501c(3)
  • Pay $200 – to cover the cost of the equipment and space rental (to be paid when accepted)
  • Staff to work the organization’s table (a minimum of 2 people) during the entire regular business hours of the Art Fair (August 4 – 6; Friday 12pm – 8pm; Saturday 10am – 8pm; Sunday 10am – 5pm)
  • Distribute materials about your organization that may include information about donating to your organization, although this is not an opportunity to take donations onsite
  • Provide a table covering (8’ table) and other professional decorations for your table

Our goal is to bring increased awareness to local non-profits and we believe that the Uptown Art Fair is a wonderful venue to do just that.  To apply, complete the attached application and return it no later than March 31A selection committee comprised of businesses, residents and non-profits will review each application based on a variety of factors including but not limited to; your creativity, your contributions to the community, and the resourcefulness of your organization. Accepted non-profits will be announced on April 14.  Please be as descriptive as possible in your application to ensure the utmost consideration.


Please contact us at or 612.823.4581 with any questions.


2016 Charitable Partners:

Check out each non-profit’s mission and the activity they planned for the Art Fair.

Art Buddies

Mission: “Art Buddies uses the power of one-on-one creative mentoring to empower underprivileged kids – to build self-confidence, realize their creative potential, and increase their motivation to learn.”

Activity: Art Buddies hosted a “crown making” activity, complete with paper, scissors, markers, and other craft items where visitors created their own Art Buddies crown and wore it at the fair – to express their own creativity in a powerful fashion.

Com Con Par full logo

Community Connections Partnership

Mission: “Community Connections Partnership has an endless commitment to provide individualized and innovative services to support individuals in community life.”

Activity: Community Connections Partnership created a space to educate and inspire visitors on equality, inclusion, community and choice, for people of all abilities. Participants were photographed blowing or tossing small amounts of powder color (certified non-toxic and free of any heavy metals) and created a photography collage.

Firefly Sisterhood

Mission: “Foster one-to-one connections between women recently diagnosed with breast cancer and inspirational survivors to provide hope, support, and emotional healing.”

Activity: Stress is a large part of dealing with breast cancer or any type of cancer. Making art and practicing meditation are wonderful ways to calm the feelings of being overwhelmed. The Firefly Sisterhood booth had visitors make use of your artistic talents by making their own Firefly that is meant to light the way on dark days and check out individual stress relieving tools and toys. Visitors also got the opportunity to learn how to make their own at home.

Good in the Hood

Mission: “To influence, inspire and impact individuals, families and entire communities for good”

Activity: Good in the Hood will had a few interactive activities for kids and adults alike. They had temporary tattoos for kids promoting their Shoe Away Hunger program. They also had a barrel of donated shoes at the booth where participants guessed the number of shoes in the barrel and whoever guesses correctly won a prize.

Rain Taxi

Mission: “Rain Taxi champions aesthetically adventurous literature.”

Activity: Rain Taxi hosted wide-variety of interactive activities for the casual art fair goer.

Join Rain Taxi at the Uptown Art Fair!  All fairgoers and art lovers are invited to come by our booth and take a free copy of our quarterly book review, packed with great ideas about how to engage with the art of literature. Each day we will also feature a variety of literary activities with local artists, including:

What I See:  Participants will be given prompts to create a short piece of writing about what they have seen that day at the Fair.

Poetry Tarot:  Poets with insight will read the participant’s cards and produce a personal poem for them to take home.

Comics Come Alive: Participants will create and illustrate a short comic with the aid of local cartoonists .

The Art of Erasure:  With our help, participants can take a page from books and magazines we’ll have on hand and then cross out words, allowing a poem to emerge from the remaining language.

Take a Poem, Leave a Poem:  Got a poem you want to share?  We’ll listen to it.  Interested in hearing one?  Local poets will give you a personal reading from their work.